Beach Box: Real Deal Meal


Beach Box: Real Deal Meal

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Let us do the packing for you! We'll load a box up with:


- Breakfast Casserole

- smallSUGAR Pastry Box

- Overnight Oats (quart)

- Fruit Bowl


- Country Loaf (half)

- Roasted Turkey (1.5 Pounds)

- Chicken Salad (quart)

- Herbed Aioli (cup)

- Spicy Mayo (cup)

- Marinated Cucumbers (pint)

- Macaroni Salad (quart)


- Hummus (quart)

- Green Tehina (pint)

- Whipped Ricotta (pint)

- Pimiento Cheese (pint)

- Crudite

- Country Loaf (half)

- Espresso Brownies (4)

- Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough Balls (8)


And a frozen Family Meal For Four that will be defrosted and ready to warm by the time you get where you're going! Heating and cookie baking instructions included.

Contents will be packed in two boxes but if you bring us your cooler, we'll pack it for you!